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and grueling details the jury sided with alexis simpson agreeing that dominique's killing was in self-defense. >> truth prevailed, that's all i can say. >> reporter: friends and family of alexis simpson registed as they left a courtroom. it took the jury about three hours to return with a not guilty verdict on all seven counts simpson was facing. >> thank you god. >> reporter: simpson gave emotional testimony saying she didn't mean to kill her roommate dominique frazier when she swung a knife and cut her throat. attorneys maintained it was in self-defense because she feared for her safety. the jury bought that story. >> we are very disappointed tonight. we presented what we thought was very clear and strong evidence, and there are no winners tonight. this is a very sad case. it it has been throughout the duration. >> reporter: the defense chose to put simpson on the stand because according to them they wanted to cop vy her thoughts that night. >> her emotion was very genuine, and she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally in ways that you can onl
. if you have any information that could help the police, called them up 410-313-stop. >> alexis simpson stabbed her roommate to death, the prosecutors say. lowell melser joins us live with warren today's testimony. -- with more on today's testimony. >> the both agree that dominique frazier and alexis simpson did not like each other, but that is where the similarities in their stories end. opening statements in the murder trial of 20-year-old alexis simpson, the former bowie state simpson accused of murdering her roommate, dominique frazier. both sides concede the girls did not like each other. the prosecution told the jury that simpson stabbed frazier after an argument concerning loud music frazier was playing in their dormitory suite. the defense attorney for simpson says she acted in self-defense and that she was constantly bullied by frazier and other girls. the jury heard testimony from a number of witnesses including family members of simpson. the most emotional came from tyrelle warren testified he was in this week visiting another girl. he, the girl, and frazier were to attend a
it means. the jury had a lot of options here. number one they could find alexis simpson guilty of first- degree murder, which would involve pre-meditation. she could also be found guilty of second-degree murder, which would not involve premeditation. and thirdly, the jury could find her guilty of voluntary manslaughter. and that would be as her defense has allege, if she found partial self-defense. if partial self-defense was a part of her case and the jury agreed with her, she would be found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. and of course the jury could find her not guilty. i'm just getting word now from ken molestina who says that the judge has explained and allows them to go back to deliberations. and as for the jury's wishes, deliberations, they do continue at this hour and they are not being sent home. the senses, of course, the jury, they must be getting close to reaching a verdict. we will, of course, be monitoring developments. we'll bring you the verdict via twitter at andrea mccaren and at of course, we'll get back on the air and get you new information as soon as i
] >> shock at the bowie state community. we're talking about the murder trial of alexis simpson accused of killing her roommate dominique frazier which was closely followed on social media and everywhere else. andrea mccarren was at the courthouse last night when the verdict came down. >> reporter: here on the bowie state campus, there is a mix of emotions. shock, sadness and relief that this high profile murder case appears to be over. >> a lot of students are disappointed. looft people are shocked. when i saw the news, i was like wow. >> reporter: the bowie university strap pus is healing after a violent fight it roommates ended in death and traumatized the school community. >> i heard she was bullied. in a scary situation like that, you're going to try to defend yourself. >> reporter: alexis simpson admitted in court that she plunge add knife into the neck of her roommate dominique frazier but she testified it was out of fear, an act of self- defense, a rare and risky defense. everybody was surprised. >> it was a gamble and paid off. i did it because my life was in danger. i did it i
roommate. just hours after alexis simpson to the stand in her defense, the jury acquitted her for the 2011 death of her roommate dominque frazier. alexis simpson said shed a history of being bullied by dominque frazier and, in new that her roommate had a night. -- a knife. two men have rejected a plea deal from prosecutors. they give them the chance to have a 40 year prison sentence with the chance for parole. they were all relatives. prosecutors said this new trial will be a challenge as many of the witnesses have been deported. >> please and baltimore county asking for help in the search for 15-year-old girl missing for two months. she was last seen on september 21 getting into a small black honda with tinted windows. investigators said it was being driven by a hispanic male. she is from the franklin area. anyone with information should call police at 4108535630. >> firefighters and rescue crews from anne arundal county responded to the chesapeake bay shortly after 6:00 p.m. thursday two people on the votes were treated for non-life threatening injuries. two others refused treatment. >>
that shook bowie state university. alexis simpson was found not guilty on all counts. the former student testified that she didn't intentionally kill her roommate, dominique frazier. keith russell joins us from our live news desk with our first look at the evidence the jurors considered during their deliberations. >> yes, pat, we have that evidence. you'll hear it here first. evidence that helped convince a jury that alexis simpson was not guilty of any of the seven charges from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. simpson was accused of stabbing dominique phrase tore to death in september of last year. they got into a fight in their dormitory over loud music. defense attorneys said simpson was bullied and fighting back when that stabbing happened. here's a portion of one of the 911 calls from the bowie state form after frazier was stabbed. take a listen. >> the caller you heard wasn't the only one to call 911 that night. tracee wilkins has the 911 call from alexis simpson herself following her deadly fight with her roommate. it's coming up on news4 at 5:00. >>> a 1-year-old
state student alexis simpson testified today in her murder trial. she cried on the stand. she told jurors she didn't intentionally kill her roommate, dominique frazier. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live with today's testimony. tracee? >> reporter: the defense is hoping that that it's going to help land her with involuntary manslaughter as opposed to first-degree murder. as you said, yes, she did take the stand in her own defense. now this case is in the hands of the jury. and they're deliberating after hearing alexis simpson explain from her own mouth what happened when she stabbed her roommate. this morning, alexis simpson was prepared to take the stand in her own defense. the former bowie state student is facing murder charges. they were preparing for a homecoming comedy show. they got in an altercation from loud music. it would be the last in a series of disagreements the two had that semester. simpson testified that she, meaning dominique, slammed the door and hit my face with the door pretty hard. it caused my head to jerk. she, meaning dominique
murder case. as andrea mccaren tells us, the 20-year-old alexis simpson admitted to stabbing her roommate in the neck after an argument. >> reporter: with music playing on an ipod became a case of murder. prosecutors say that the 20- year-old alexis simpson plunged a knife into dominique's neck that it completely cut her trachea. you know knives can kill, right? >> simpson,: question. >> prosecutor: you know if you plunge a knife into someone's neck, it can kill, right? >> simpson: yes. >> reporter: simpson says it was an act of self-defense, only pulling out a knife because she was ganged up by frasier and her friends. she was scared. according to testimony, days before the murder, simpson had requested a change of dorm room because of roommate issues. she was told there were no rooms available. and that was our own reporting. now on to d.c. where the staff members including the principal are accused of assault. the victim a former staffer. >> reporter: i'm matt jablo in northwest washington where students at coolidge high school had a normal day today, except for the fact that their pri
tonight a jury found 20-year-old alexis simpson not guilty of all seven counts she faced. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> by most accounts alexis simpson's own testimony helped turn things in her favor. the jury apparently thought she was sympathetic and believed her when she said she acted in self-defense. now simpson's friends and family rejoiced as they left the courthouse this evening. simpson's lawyers say they weren't surprised and argued simpson cut her roommate 18- year-old domonique frazier's throat in self-defense. it was a claim supported by evidence provided in the case including one that showed simpson requested a room change to avoid further conflict with frazier. the roommates did not get along and it all exploded the night of september 15th, 2011, when simpson turned off music frazier was listening to. it ended with frazier's throat being cut. prosecutors say they are disappointed by the verdict. >> i'm stunned to be honest with you, absolutely stunned and we are disappointed, but we do respect this jury's verdict. this is the system we have. we believe in it. we re
roommate. alexis simpson charged with first-degree murder in the death of a dominique frazier. this happened last year. alexis simpson says this was because of self-defense. >> the man who pleaded guilty to shooting at gabrielle giffords will be sentenced. other survivors of the shooting rampage in 2011 in tucson will be in the courtroom crew today. yet amid to killing six people and wounding 12 others. under the plea deal will spend the rest of life behind bars. >> united states army private charged with sending government secrets to wikileaks is offering to plead guilty to some of the offenses. the hearing resumes today at fort meade, maryland. bradley manning is facing more than 20 charges including aiding the enemy. they say he is not planning guilty to federal charges but less serious offenses. bradley manning festival to go on trial in february. >> a teenager said she was assaulted and a library. she said she felt a man following her and watching her, she left the library around 9:00 a.m. -- 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. she said the man committed a bathroom and touched her a
frazier and alexis simpson did not like each other but that is where the similarities in their stories end. opening statements in the murder trial of alexis simpson accused of murdering her roommate, and both sides see that the girls did not like each other. the prosecution told the jury that simpson stabbed frazier after a heated argument concerning loud music and that frazier had backed away from the fight. defense attorneys say that she acted in self-defense and that she was constantly bullied by her and other girls. the jury heard testimony from a number of witnesses including family members, but the most emotional came from tyrell testified he was there visiting another girl and that they were to attend a comedy show later that evening of september 15th, 2011. warren said they got into a heated argument over loud music and that the two got into a scuffle. he and a few others broken up. moments later, he testified she attacked again, this time punching. he then noticed she was bleeding badly from her neck. the state with her as she bled out until paramedics arrived. she was crying in t
bowie state -- alexis simpson is accused in the murder of dominique frazier. brad bell is live from the courthouse. >> it could mean everything to the defense and the prosecution because they are the ones who saw what happened. it was an emotional day in court as they took the stand. they describe the night they watched their friends die. dominique frazier died of stab wounds september 15, 2011. her college roommate, alexis simpson, slung the knife. prosecutors say it is a case of murder brought on by bad choices. defense attorneys argued that it is self-defense prompted by dominique frazier's bullying. the jury will decide the truth. it is a painful process for both families. >> both parents have lost their only child. it hurts to hear this repeated all over again. >> there has been a dramatic day in court. dominique frazier's closest friend describes an increasingly hostile relationship. on that night, it came to a violent conclusion in a fight which began over loud music and ended with a cutting. the witness testified that simpson was the aggressor. she admitted that another frie
his son to death. his son was found dead and a deflated mattress. and alexis simpson is found not guilty hours after alexis simpson took the stand. she told jurors should of been bullied by dominque frazier and knew her roommate had a knife. on the night of the death she said she was upset about the loud music of the fight escalated. alexis simpson had faced seven counts including murder and assault. >> two more days in round one of the ravens-steelers game. the ravens are missing webb, and the steelers missing ben roethlisberger you. you can also sue the game here on tv 11, kickoff set for 8:20. we will have much more coming up on the game. what is your favorite part of the ravens-stealers rivalry? you can send an e-mail to >> 38 degrees. it is scary scene in texas as a trend smashes into the side of a float on the right to a veterans day parade. officials said the train is not to blame. >> tears a live look at traffic. here is 83 at 116. we will have more weather and we will have more weather and traffic prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no tou
was defense when she roommate and the agreed with her. the 911 calls were released today. alexis simpson and dominique r had a contentious relationship. simpson said she never to killer. was only trying to protect herself. waited on the of the hostess bakeries'. are the worst. this is a set up. i am not asking questions -- s aboutng question twinkies. >> they were on fire today. desserts of the iconic say they have to shut down of an ongoing labor dispute. the company is expected to auction off its assets. we all know someone who just to put the phone down. it can seem like an addiction. at least one california is offeringnter counseling. cops i feel naked if i did not -- >> i feel naked my phone.t have >> i always have my phone with me. >> do you sleep with your phone? >> is next to my pillow every night. >> by phone is always on. checking it for e-mail, facebook. most of us are at least dependent on our smart phone. 74% of people with panic over phone.a >> i definitely needed. the reason they think they the phone hass represent all their d family and the fun things they do. wereuld you
as the state continued to present its case. tracee? >> reporter: well, jim, we just watched alexis simpson leave a few minutes ago. she left wa friend to go home for the evening. she'll have to be back in court tomorrow morning as the defense presents its side of this trial. yes, we heard a lot of graphic testimony. we also heard testimony from the medical examiner who was explaining how violent that cut was. we also heard from roommates. today in the murder trial of a former bowie state university student, there were new revelations that the state continued presenting its case. 20-year-old alexi simpson is facing murder charges in the stabbing and killing of her suite mate dominic frazier. the state's first witness, kiera johnson, described what she saw when the stabbing happened. she said i didn't even see the knife. but when dominique hit her, the girl had the knife in her hand. i don't think she meant to cut dominique, but it just happened. the defense is saying the stabbing accidently happened in self-defense. simpson and frazier were suite mates who stopped getting along soon after t
of the talk on campus today. the jury found 20 year on old alexis simpson not guilty on all seven charges. the question tonight, do her fellow students agree with that verdict? fox 5s john henrehan is back from bowie state. what are they saying? >> reporter: what i found interesting was how thoughtful were the student comments. many disagreed with the verdict but accept the principle the juries get to decide guilt or innocence. the jury -- students can live with an acquittal on all accounts. >> reporter: it looked like an ordinary day on -- in the late fall. one topic trumped all others, the acquittal on all counts of 20-year-old alexis simpson who, in september of 2011, plunged a knife into the neck of the roommate with which she was feuding, 18-year-old dominique frazier. the defense successfully argued the dormitory fight pushed simpson into believing she was in danger from frazier and her girlfriends. >> it wason facebook, twitter, instagram, why are you here when the incident happened last year, speaking about her saying she got off. >> i felt it was guilty on both parts. like i agre
is more subdued and somber since alexis simpson allegedly stabbed dominic frazier in the neck with a pair of scissors. the students designated a special area on campus, calling it a peace park as an ongoing reminder of how they want to have their commitment to a safe environment on campus. and the administration said it hopes to have -- it's hosted a number of special programs with speakers that focus on conflict resolutions. alexis simpson was there all day at the prince georges county courthouse in upper marlboro watching as lawyers for both sides picked the jury. opening statements in her murder trial are expected to begin next tuesday after the veteran's day holiday. it's a case that still gives students pause for reflection. >> we send judge -- we should leave that in the hands of the judicial system. that is why they're here. they will pick or whether an act of a greg. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was an act of aggression. that simpson chose to end the life. police say that simpson attacked her roommate, 18-year- old dominique frazier after the two argued over music played on an
's knife to show an example of just how big the knife was that alexis simpson used to kill her. now, the prosecution saying that although these girls did not like each other, and made some bad decisions, one of them took it too far and could spend the rest of her life behind bars. alexis simpson took the stand in her own defense today. simpson, who's out on bond is accused of stabbing and killing her roommate, dominique frazier, over an argument of loud music in their dorm last year. simpson testified she was scared of frazier, who she had had a number of arguments with. in cross-examination, the state prosecutor painted young simpson as a woman who wasn't afraid of conflict. the reality is, you weren't scare of dominique? simpson, i was. you weren't scared of nielha? i was. you're not scared of kiera? i was. the prosecutor said, you know knives hurt, knives kill, right? simpson, yes. you know if you plunge this into someone's neck, it could kill them, right? yes. then the state continued. you jabbed her deep with a knife and then you swung and slashed her throat. simpson, i was swi
this case. i'm talking about the murder trial of alexis simpson, the girl accused of killing her roommate, dominique frazier, which was closely followed on social media. andrea mccarren was on campus when the verdict came down. >> reporter: there is a mix of emotions. shock. sadness. and relief that this high- profile murder case appears to be over. >> a lot of students are disappointed. a lot of people were shocked, when i saw the news. i s like whoa, wow. >> reporter: the bowie state university campus is healing, after a violent fight between roommates ended in death and traumatized the school community. >> i think it's tragic. but at the same time, i heard she was bullied and in a scary situation like that, you are going to try to defend yourself. >> reporter: alexis simpson admitted in court that she plunged a knife into the neck of her roommate, dominique frazier, but she testified it was an act of fear, an act of self-defense, a rare and risky defense. >> everybody was surprised. it's all or nothing. it's a gamble for the defendant but it paid off. she said, i did it, but i did it b
to begin today in the trial of alexis simpson, charged with killing her roommate. back in september 2011, she killed domonique frazier over music being played on and ipod. >> officers were called to the 23rd block. they found the victim outside of an apartment building with a gunshot wound. there is no word on what exactly led up to the shooting. police are investigating the discovery of a body next to a burning car. found on the 1400 block of brentwood parkway. at this time, the circumstances surrounding the body and the car not clear. >> a bus charter charged in connection with a deadly crash on i-95 will go on trial today. four counts of involuntary manslaughter in the may 2011 bus crash. it was heading for north carolina to new york city when it overturned after he fell asleep at the wheel. four people died and dozens of others -- dozens of others were hurt. >> manning is facing 20 charges including aiding the enemy for allegedly giving thousands of classified military documents to the wikileaks website. >> the search continues for the man behind an attack at a library. >> she was in
of a surprise, alexis simpson, the accused killer, took the stand in her own defense, saying that the very end of her testimony that she had to defend herself and that she was scared. she described her entire relationship with the victim, saying from the moment they met there seemed to be something awkward. she described several encounters that grew hostile and painted herself as an innocent victim who was just getting picked on by the much larger, taller and heavier dominique frazier, and then she talked about september 15, 2011. she says she was awakened from a nap by music in her bathroom. she turned down and ipod, and says that triggered everything. it grew into a fight. there were a couple of flights. then we get to the moment of the stabbing. simpson said she knew dominique frazier owned a knife. she felt trapped in her room and wanted to get out. she said when she came out of her room, one of frazier's friends grant her, and pulled her into the -- grabbed her and pulled her into the room. simpson said at that point she picked up her own pocket knife. it is the first time we have heard t
for a bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate. >> alexis simpson is charged with allegedly stabbing dominique frazier. maryland bureau chief will be in the courtroom with reports on abc 7. >> errant thomas has agreed to plead guilty purities charged with adopting a three trek or treaters. he allegedly attacked multiple women and was arrested last year. >> kwame brown will be sentenced today and the federal bank fraud charge. madrid in june he lied to get a personal loan. he then resigned from office. he faces up to six months in jail but prosecutors say they are recommending a six days spread out over three weekends. would be followed by three years of supervised release. >> please investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. authorities say 46-year-old mary died after being hit by two vehicles as she tried to cross kenilworth avenue monday night. police said was not an across workcross walk. montgomery county police say% in aspen hill was struck on a georgia ave. the driver did say thepolice said the drivers stayed at the scene. >> the federal trade commissio
not guilty by a jury returned the verdict hours after alexis simpson took the stand. she told the jurors that she had been bullied by her college roommate, and dominique frazier. she says she fought with her over loud music, but the fight escalated and she used the knife in self-defense. she had faced seven house. two accused child killers will go to trial. policarpio espinoza perez is accused of decapitating three relatives. it gives both the possibility for parole. in 2006, the men were convicted in the 2003 murders, but the state court of appeals voted in favor of a new trial because of an error on the part of the original trial judge. the third trial is set in march. lawmakers are getting a chance of former cia director david petraeus on the attacks in been gauzy, libya, that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others. somewhere -- some are accusing the white house of deliberately misleading the american public about the intention of the attack. petraeus sneaked in the building out of view of cameras. it is the fiscal face-off. the need to find a way to prevent automatic tax hikes a
enjoyable. not guilty. alexis simpson guilty in the stabbing death roommate. >> thank you, jesus. there is a god. just belief. >> you play for jesus -- you jesus.r shehe slashed -- she said was scared. they hit me. back andd herself swinging the night. the jury believed her. >> she was very remorseful and sorry after it happened. a 911 col. to get help. >> i am stunned. absolutely stunned. >> a disappointed state's says the family is devastated they lost a loved one for justice.e >> to have one dead and one been forevers changed is a sad set of circumstances. is sad for our community. >> i cannot believe it. the caseoman followed closely and strongly disagrees. need to be not walking the street. person. is a free told me she will return to her studies next fall. it will not be at the same university. >> thank you. the death of dominique was a shock. it is homecoming weekend. students and facultyre all verdict 14ut the --ths after the debt but deadly incident. this element of our breaking ory tonight. this storm behind me right is the very dorm where it happened. verdict the stude
...bowiiestate university her roommate to death ánotá against her. &pher. alexis simpson was accused of murder and carrying a deadly weapon.prosecutors saa simpson killed dominique frazier in september of 2011..... aafer they got inno an argumeet over loud music. simpson said she was trying to defend herself and prosecutorss ave ropped savage... a teenager... el - pccused ii a deadly shooting last month.he was charggd with pilling matthew morrow after a house party ii pasadena.but with the case against him.they man... 18-year-old ronald mmleod. 3an.... eegwater man.... believed to. be... the brothee... of aatress... miaafarrow... is... charged... with... sexuaaly abusing..../ two children... for years. 66-year-old... jjhn charles... villers- farrow... surrended anne arundel counny.... investigation - fter... two men... came forrard.../ claiming... he molested... them... 3&the... alleged abuse....occurred between... 2000... and 008.../// . . docummnts, .../ indicate.... he... shhweddthe boys... porn.../ and... molested them... in hii home.....hh..
acquitted alexis simpson and on all charges. charged with murdering her roommate dominique frazier in their dorm room last year. simpson said she acted in self- defense and the jury believed her. thank you jesus. that's all i want to say. is a god. believe. >> my friend got found not guilty because she is innocent. s not need to be walking the streets. >> simpson-bowles attorney says she will likely resume a study fall but most likely not at bowie state. >> there's an option for drivers hoping for a smooth commute. the new express lanes on the in northern open virginia. more.e carter has >> in the commonwealth, a new commuting option is just hours but it comes at a cost. >> if it cuts down the time significantly, it would be worth any amount. >> hot lanes, two in each direction covering 14 miles springfield and tysons will cost drivers a different amount depending on the time of day. during nonpeak hours, $1 or $8. $6 if not more during peak hour is. prices lead to fewer drivers, for ensuring the lanes following at 45-65 miles an hour. >> it will be raised as high as to manage traf
are hearing. keep in mind that alexis simpson says she acted in self- defense. your one voice say "why did you do that?" you hear the other voice say "why did you jump me?" hysterical students are heard in the background. >> the state attorney's office released the 911 calls one day after the acquittal of 20-year- old alexis simpson. the two women had a rocky relationship that got into a heated argument before the stabbing. simpson bill for defense on the premise that she grabbed a knife to protect yourself. simpson said she swung the knife wildly, and not intending to strike frazier in the neck inflecting a fatal wound. the 911 calls were not played for the jury. the tapes offer little insight into what led up to the stabbing. >> the state's attorney's office also released at cell phone video that shows of frantic terrifying scene. is also very graphic, too graphic to eric. reporting live, abc7 news. >> a white house lawyer is being called hero tonight. on monday night david walker was in northwest d.c. when he heard a man screaming. is saw two suspects who attacked the man. he grabbed one of
of her roommate. alexis simpson was accused of killing her roommate dominique frasier. all seven charges against her dropped. the jury believing simpson acted in self-defense when she said she accidentally stabbed frasier in the neck. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the future of a come that make some of america's favorite foods from twinkies to wonder bread is on the line this morning. >>> general david petraeus will be on the hill to answer questions. we'll be right back.  >>> we are following several developing stories this morning. first, general david petraeus will testify today on the events leading up to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. petraeus is consider awed central figure in the proceedings but questions were raised about whether he could still testify after resigning as head of the cia last week after admitting to an affair with his biographer. >>> president obama will meet with bipartisan leadership of congress this morning to discuss the fiscal cliff. it comes ahead of another meeting with several civil rights organizations and other advo
with alexis simpson and her defense team which argued that dominique frazier's killing was a result of self-defense and not of murder. >> we never doubt it because we know our friend. >> truth prevailed through all of it. that's all i can say. >> reporter: friends and family rejoiced as they left a prince george's county courtroom in upper marlboro. it took the jury about three hours to return with a not guilty verdict on all seven counts simpson was facing. >> thank you god. >> reporter: simpson gave emotional testimony on thursday saying she didn't mean to give her college roommate dominique frazier when she swung a knife and cut her throat. instead they maintained it happened in self-defense because the young woman feared for her safety. the jury bought that story and left the prosecution in disbelief. >> we are very disappointed tonight. we presented what we thought was very clear and strong evidence and there are no winners tonight. this is a very sad case. it has been throughout the duration. >> reporter: the defense chose to put simpson on the sound because according to them they wan
tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. alexis simpson was accused of stabbing her roommate to death last year in a fight over music. >> the jury found her not guilty on all counts late tonight. fox 5's maureen umeh has the details. >> from the start the defense argued this was a case of self- defense and after three hours of deliberation the jury believed it. >> thank god. >> reporter: relief and joy from alexis simpson's friends and family just minutes after hearing a jury's verdict. the jury found simpson not guilty on all seven counts she faced in the stabbing death of her bowie state university suite mate domonique frazier, simpson's lawyers saying the jury made the right call. >> this was a is of defense case. alexis, there's no question in my mind acted in self-defense and so we are very gratified by the verdict. >> reporter: during the trial simpson testified she was being bulliedly frazier and said she -- bullied by frazier. she said she complained to officials and wanted to move out but was told there were no rooms available. on september 15th, 2011, sim
in the death of her room nate. alexis simpson was aquitted of all seven charms in the stabbing death of dominique frasier. simpson pleaded self-defense throughout the entire case saying she was bullied by frasier. >> a self-defense case, there is no question in my mind alexis asked in self-defense so we are very gratified by the verdict. >> she went into the victim's room and she sought the vic tum out and so we brought this case because we thought that, in fact, what she did was criminal. and so i'm disappointed. >> dominique frasier would have turned 19 just days after she died. >>> we start off way shocking accident in texas. a freight train slammed into a national bed truck full of wounded warriors. four were killed and 17 injured. 10 are in critical condition. the soldiers were sitting on a parade float when they say the train hit them without any warning. the union pacific says the train sounded its horn. it is believe the truck got stuck in show parade traffic heaving the float to straddle the train tracks. >>> david petraeus is appearing in front of two congressional committe
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student. alexis simpson is accused of stabbing her roommate dominique fraser to death last year. the two
university student. alexis simpson is accused of shooting her roommate dominique frazier to death last year. it happened over an argument over loud music. in court frazier's friends testified simpson was the aggressor but said that frazier also had a knife. at one point simpson tried to get a new roommate because she was afraid, but that request was denied. >>> joshua mebane is in jail accuseded of killing and shooting a d.c. taxi driver last week. d.c. police say they got a tip that the teen was involved in another murder in waldorf. someone shot a couple walking their dog on a trial. teresa bass died from her injuries. friends are helping her husband terry bass recover from his injuries. >> my wife has been dressing his wounds, and we're just kind of pulling together as a community to heal. >> charles county detective say forensics tests show shell casings from the waldorf murder scene match a gun found in mebane's home. his girlfriend linda bury is also in jail on charges in the cab driver's death. >>> chaos in a quiet neighborhood. the accident being blamed for this fiery scene. >>> plu
is sst to begin december 4th. a ccolege student accused of f - killinggher roommate begins today.alexis simpson is charged with killing domonique frazier last septeeber in univerrity.prosecutors say she stabbed fraaier over an ipod... but defense attornnys &pccaim it waa selffdefense. testimony is set to behind nexttweek. &p know the cause... o killed... a grandmother ... and... four children... last month ... n... northeast it.... broke ddnwwod avenue..../ killing... p 55... year-old... nancy &pworrell .../ children... ranginggin age... from... 1 to 7...///. investigators... believe... the fire... was caused by... combustible stored... aaainst a - furnacee...//three... others ...were innluding... two firefighters..../ and... worrellls husband... who... umped from ...a.. second floor window. a... ralll... getting underway... as... we speak.../ to... protest... a prooosed... 80... in... east balti. at the war memooral building downttwn... where people have gathered along with reeerend jesse jackson. janice: the reason all hese peoppl janic
after dominique frazier was stabbed to death. alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and the stabbing was accidental. the roommates got into a fight over loud music in their dorm room. simpson was bullied and asked for another room assignment two weeks before the fight. >>> police say it's possible a teen charged with two murders may be responsible for other crimes. d.c. police arrested 17-year-old for the death of a taxicab driver last week. tips revealed he was the suspected gunman behind the mother's murder in waldorf. the 17-year-old girlfriend is also in jail for the death of the taxicab driver. >> this morning a rockville woman said a doctor left a piece of equipment in her foot after surgery. now she's threatening to sue over the medical mistake. she tells news 4 she had surgery nine months ago and she said the doctor operated on her foot, removing a bunion but left something behind. she kept complaining that her foot bothered her a week after surgery but the doctor sent her home without an x-ray. a second doctor gave her an x-ray and found a broken drill bit. >> the expense ha
7 news. >> opening statements under way for a former student accused of killing her roommate. alexis simpson allegedly killed her roommate in their dorm room last year. overexcite being played on her ipod. her attorney argues it was self- defense. this afternoon we will find out how many schools are on the chopping block. there unveiling the list later today, calling it ana necessary cut. the will of the full list of how parents will be able to weigh in tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. >> plans to turn an organic farm into soccer fields has spawned another lawsuit. the latest legal challenge from county executive ike legget -- the farm leases the land to the school board. is able to stay open while they move through the legal system. >> today congress back in washington for the lame-duck session. the new congress elect is in town for the beginning of orientation sessions. the focus for the current congress is fiscal uncertainty. other big issues are avoiding the the defense cuts set to be triggered at the beginning of the year and extending the farm bill. first of the agenda and t
after dominique frazier was stabbed to death. it happened in september of 2011. the defense says alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and that the stabbing was accidental. the women had argued before simpson claims she asked to have her room changed two weeks before that deadly fight. >> there are new concerns over the popular 5-hour energy drink. the food and drug administration is investigating whether it's a factor in 13 deaths over the past four years. 5-hour energy has been the subject of 100 complaints since 2009. the food and drug administration is still not sure if the drink actually caused any of the deaths or injuries. the maker of 5-hour energy says the product is safe when used properly. >>> the owner of a pharmacy blamed in a deadly meningitis outbreak will face lawmakers tomorrow. barry cadden invoked the fifth amendment and refused to testify today. a senate hearing will investigate the outbreak that has killed 32 people so far. lawmakers are upset that the fda didn't act despite several complaints against the company over the past decade. >> cold out there tonight.
that in detail. >> alexis simpson is accused of in theirer roommate dorm room. there live with that. >> she admitted that she killed her college roommate, but that mean to do it. and that it was self-defense. the jury got the case just a few minutes ago. >> i had to defend myself, i was scared. over the first two weeks of the year, she said that would bed that she jumped by them. she described a brutal fight frazier and her friends. she said she was so scared, she knife in hopes that she could escape her dorm room. she said that she was scared. i started swinging the knife. she said that she panicked when from herlood coming neck. it was hard to watch. >> we know that she has never been involved in anything like that. >> prosecutors tried to paint a t picture, bringing up tweets that she posted back then. she asked her if she hated her because she was gay. prosecutor, and the held up a knife like this one. she said that it looked like one used but she cried, i was swinging so that they would get away. mean to stab her. also under cross-examination, she admitted that she could have just walk
killing her roommate. jurors deliberated for about 3 hours before finding alexis simpson not guilty. simpson told the court she stabbed dominique frazier self- defense. >>> there's strange things turned up on a property. a hand. a contractor found it yesterday in the 300 block of hedge pocket away. today medical examiner confirmed it was a human hand. >>> despite a water main break, baltimore county schools say they have not canceled classed tomorrow. the school will make that decision in the morning. the break happened at milford mill. we're talking about 260 homes still without water. we haven't been told when this is going to be repaired. >>> anne arundel county tonight police arrested the brother of actress mia for allegations of sexual abuse. john charles villers-farrow is behind bars. authorities say an investigation began back in september when the two alleged victims came forward. neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> i've had only a few interactions with him. he's just a very nice man and his son is polite and very nice boy. it was just really quite shocking. >>> you
university. the jury deciding the fate of alexis simpson, accused of killing her roommate dominique frazier in september of last year. she said she never meant to harm frazier and acted in self- defense. they got into a fight about music. >>> washington redskins headcoach shanahan got robbed. his money and passport were stolen in the locker room. -- from the locker room. not sure when he realized the items went missing. a police report is filed. the pittsburgh police are investigating. >>> the ku klux klan is advertising its group via flier. the shoppers found the fliers on a car windshield outside of a strip mall? missouri. the message reads bringing back the traditional ways of the ku klux klan. they call a 24-hour klan line. >> thank you for calling the traditional sematic ku klux klan. we are unapologetically committed to the interest and values of the white race. >> they say they're beefing security up at the shopping center. authorities do say, however, distributing the fliers is not against the law, protected by the first amendment. >>> a multimillionaire turned murder suspect. comin
found alexis simpson not guilty of killing her roommate. they spent hours deliberating last night before reaching the verdict. simpson was facing 7 charges stabbing dominic frazier in the shared suite last year. during the testimony, yesterday morning, she told the court the whole thing was in self- defense. >>> you may have a famous sister but john charles ferraro is making news on his own. mia ferraro's brother is charged with molesting two boys in his home. this is according to charging documents. victims say the abuse started when they were about 10. police started an investigation back in september when the two boys that are now teens came forward. authorities are look for other victims. >>> your children are used to seeing the principal in the building but today the principal will be on the building the middleboro elementary spending 2 1/2 hours reading from the roof. classes will be able to pick what they want to hear from the series of books and science fiction autobiographys and journals. they have been take part in activities for the national young readers week a culmination of
was killed by her roommate, alexis simpson. now simpson said she was acting in self-defense and found not guilty yesterday. just a warning though. you may find this call for help disturbing. >> i'm at the university right now. >> okay. please take your breath. >> oh my gosh. >> the 911 tapes were never heard in court. simpson plunged the knife into frasier's neck out of fear on her own safety. >>> israel is moving to a possible ground view in gaza calling up the reservist. they said that no decision has been made and the israeli armor has been massing around the border. they fired at jerusalem for the first time on friday. israeli aircrafts have been hitting the militant strongholds. >>> with the threat of the ground battle brewing in the battle zone, they are standing by ready. even some of them close to 6,000 miles away. we spoke to the idf reservist in washington, d.c. and whose trip may be cut short if contentions continue to escalation. >> this is gaza and as you can see we actually bombed inside there also. and these are parts of israel. >> reporter: he's suppose to be vacationi
declared in the buoy state murder trial. alexis simpson, the young woman accused of stabbing her college roommate, dominique fraser to death was found not guilty on all seven counts yesterday. simpson sobbed when the verdict was read. outside her friends and family rejoiced. simpson said she was bullied by fraser and was defending herself. the jury took about three hours to deliver the not guilty verdict. >>> rockets and shells have been criss crossing the skies over israel and gaza, causing death and destruction. massive airstrikes on gaza were reported earlier this morning. israel says that more than 1400 rockets were fired from gaza since wednesday. the country's defense forces reportedly intercepted more than 100 missiles before they could hit their targets. >> i hope that hamas and the other terror organizations in gaza got the message. if not, israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> both israelis and palestinians report innocent women and children have been killed on both sides. egypt's prime minister arrived in the gaza strip this morning
after a not guilty verdict in the bowie state murder trial. a jury acquitted alexis simpson on seven charges, including first degree murder. she was accused ofbb
for a former student alexis simpson. >> that was simpson's voice on a 911 call last year. the night she stabbed her roommate, dominique frasier. last night, a jury acquitted simpson on all seven charges, related to frasier's death. lawyers said simpson did it in self-defense after frasier and her friends attacked simpson. the outcome came as a surprise to man students we spoke with on campus. >> regardless of you know circumstances, she was still murdered. and someone should have to pay for that. >> beth families lost. it's not going to be a win. even if she did go to jail. >> simpson's testimony also key in the trial the she said cutting frasier was an accident. >> the shooting plot foiled in missouri. the man charged with first degree assault, making a terrorist threat, and armed criminal action. police say he admitted to planning to shoot up a movie theater over the weekend. they say he bought some guns and tickets to a sunday screening of the new "twilight" movie and had intent of shooting people inside the theater. investigators say, his mother tipped off police about those weapons. >> ton
now since the murder of a young sunt in september of last year. 20-year-old alexis simpson is set to go on trial tomorrow for murdering dominique frazier. >> tracee wilkins explains how the death has affected the campus over the last year. >> reporter: a lot has changed on the campus of bowie state university in the last year. in the shadows of the university's expansion lies the memory of a violent night that has forever changed this campus. >> just thinking about that day just brings back so many memories of like how it hurts. >> reporter: on september 15th of last year while most of the campus enjoyed a homecoming comedy show, two students, 20-year-old alexis simpson and 18-year-old dominique frazier were in their dorm room having a disagreement over the volume of an ipod. that fight escalated into simpson stabbing and killing frazier. according to court documents, after it was over, frazier yelled to onlooking students, i didn't mean to do it. you all know what i've been through. you all jumped me. then she ran out of the dorm disappearing for hours before turning herself in t
grieving after the verdict in the bowie state murder trial. alexis simpson was accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier last year. the two got in a fight over loud music in their dorm room. defense attorneys argued that simpson was bullied and was fighting back after the stabbing happened. she took the stand in her own defense on the final day of testimony. >> her emotion was very genuine, and she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally in ways that you can only imagine. >> sheriff's deputies escorted the 12 jurors from the courthouse and did not comment on the case. >>> 6:07. 64 degrees. a federal investigation now launch the into the texas town after the horrific accident involving wounded veterans taking part in a parade. >>> he ran a superer pac and sort of ran for president, now stephen colbert is being unveiled in wax. they redesigned an entire room for the comedian, building a replica of his studio, and he was intimately involved in that. he provided his own suit, shoes, and lapel pin for the figure to win. more than 250 photos wer
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